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The Hobby Artemia Breeder is by far and away the easiest method of hatching live baby brine shrimp, ready to feed to your jellyfish. All species of jellyfish can be fed with live baby brine shrimp.

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Artemia, or brine shrimp, are some of the most resilient and interesting life forms. Aquarists appreciate the high nutritional value for their fish, particularly fry and their colour development. Plus, the easy and continued supply of clean live food is quite important in breeding fry.
Artemia have been around for over 100 million years and their natural habitat has a very high salinity level. Artemia are normally livebearing animals, they only produce dormant eggs when stressed. For example if the salinity in salt lakes rises due to increased evaporation of the water until they dry out. Here, nature took a very wise precaution to ensure the individual does not die out. The embryo is “dormant”‘ in the egg shell until rain falls to create saltwater again, the artemia wake, and a new cycle can start.
The Artemia Breeder makes it easy to breed artemia nauplii. The special design of the breeder ensures gentle turbulence of the artemia eggs and nauplii without allowing them to deposit in dead corners. The result is a high, optimal hatch rate.
At 24° C, the nauplii – what young artemia are called – will hatch after
about 24 – 36 hours, at 20° C after 30 – 40 hours. The egg separator separates empty egg shells from the nauplii The reddish nauplii will settle to the bottom of the Artemia Breeder and can easily be removed with the food dropper through the cover opening to then feed.

The Artemia Breeder requires an aquarium air pump, e.g. Bubble Air Pump 100.
Also suitable for pros.

• Artemia Breeder with cover and cover opening
• base
• bracket for aquarium installation
• accessory bag for the air supply set with hose adapter and couplers,
PVC tubes, aeration stone, air tube, rubber stopper,
• feeding dropper
• dosing scoop for salt
• dosing scoop for artemia eggs


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