JBL – Procristal UV-C Compact plus 18 W


rystal-clear and healthy water: 18 W UV-C water clarifier for the quick and efficient elimination of greenish and whitish cloudiness in freshwater and marine aquariums and in garden ponds
Space-saving assembly: connect to external filter or separate pump. Inlet and outlet are positioned for practical use. Shortest installation length: 42 cm
Partial sterilisation for aquariums up to 1500 litres (pump max. 400 l/h) /15,000 l pond (pump max. 4000 l/h), against floating algae up to 500 l in the aquarium (pump max. 500 l/h) / pond up to 4000 l (pump max. 4000 l/h)
TÜV tested, safety switch: UV-C bulb switches off automatically when the device is opened. Sturdy, UV-resistant casing, 2- glass-cylinder design

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Crystal-clear and healthy water
Poor light conditions, over-fertilisation or even a surplus of nutrients can have negative effects on the aquarium water and may promote algae growth. Floating algae lead to green, bacteria to white clouding. The JBL water clarifier eliminates cloudiness caused by bacteria and floating algae. The aquarium water passes through the sturdy, UV-resistant casing of the clarifier. The UV radiation kills off bacteria, other germs and floating algae as the water passes through. The efficiency of this UV-C water clarifier is particularly high, as the glass bulb is surrounded by a polished, reflective stainless steel foil, which reflects the UV-C radiation and thus doubles the efficiency. This can also help to eliminate persistent algae, such as thread algae, since their spores are also largely killed off.

No harmful side effects
No change of the water values / no negative influence on the essential cleansing bacteria in the filter.

Easy to install
Connect the water clarifier to the external filter or a separate water pump. Thanks to the 90° elbow included in the pack any installation position is possible.

The JBL UV-C Water Clarifier is TÜV tested and has a safety switch for an automatic switch off when the device is opened. The casing is UV-resistant, consists of sturdy walls and has an LED light that indicates whether the UV-C bulb is switched on.

Difference to the previous model JBL ProCristal UV-C Compact:
The function indicator light is now mounted on the flat side of the electrical unit and the microswitch for the automatic switch-off of the burner when the housing is opened (if the plug has not been removed) has been replaced by a magnetic safety switch. This means that the electrical units of the previous models (Compact) do NOT fit the new ones (Compact Plus) and vice versa.


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