Live Plant – Lobelia Cardinalis (Stem Cutting)


Note: Cutting will be approx 2 inches long

Family Name: Lobeliaceae
Origin: North America
Max Height: 5”
pH: 6-7.5
Care: Easy
Light: Medium
Co2: Recommended
Propagation: Cut stem, new growth, or lateral shoots
Growth rate: Moderate


Common Name: Lobelia Cardinalis Wavy

Lobelia Cardinalis Wavy is a new variant of the Cardinal Flower that is characterized by its wavy Leaves. The leaves are somewhat similar to that of Lobelia Cardinalis and in its submerged form, it will show bushy growth.

This plant does not demand a lot to grow in aquariums but needs at least a medium light and a placement in a well-lit area. Cardinalis Wavy can be propagated by cuttings and trimmings of the main shoot will enhance the growth of many side shoots.


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