Live – Otocinclus (Per Piece)


Maximum dimension: from 2 to 4 cm
Swimming level: bottom, leaves and layout
Ideal temperature range: 18° – 28° celsius
PH range: 6 / 7
GH range: 4 – 13

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Name and family:
Otocinclus Affinis and Macrospilus, Catfish, Oto Catfish: Armored Catfish, “Dwarf Suckers” or “Otos”.
The Otocinclus comes from the Loricariidae family and comes from South America, from the areas of Brazil Colombia Peru and Argentina.

Feature and behavior:
Small fish that will not grow much. It is a mainly nocturnal fish although you will see it during the hours of light, it has a drop shape shape, the suction cup has a livery of delicate colors ranging from green to brownish to sandy. Has the livery bordered by a dark line of middle-body that runs through it all over the body.
Sometimes the top is dark in color and the belly is white. The muzzle is rather long, and the suctioned mouth allows the animal to anchored to the substrate, in areas subject to strong currents. There are several species but the most famous are Otocinclus Affinis, Otocinclus Macrospilus, Otocinclus Cocama and Otocinclus Niger. Otocinclus is a very peaceful fish, it is not territorial and you will often find it attached to furniture or glasses looking for algae. In case of poor oxygenation, they are able to breathe air reaching the surface.

Fishes’s coexistence:
Very peaceful and suitable for community aquariums, it is a pack fish, so it is advisable to enter at least 5/6 specimens as it loves the company and there are also sufficient 60 liter aquariums given its small size. They need an aquarium rich in vegetation. Not compatible with aggressive fish such as large cyclists or scalars.

Sexual dimorphism and breeding:
Otocinclus is a sheepfish. Sexual dimorphism among males and females is imperceptible, although in some cases the male is slender. The players deposit small amounts of eggs by sticking them to the substrate or the glass, but aquarium reproduction is very difficult.

Feeding and maintenance:
It is omnivorous but it eats mainly algae and diatoms, bottom fish tablets. If the tub does not have many algae, fill it with whipped zucchini or other vegetables. They also like the food alive.


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