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One of the most common of the numerous species sold as ‘whiptail catfish’, R. parva is an excellent species for the newcomer to Loricariids or catfish breeding. It’s certainly not the most active species, but when settled and housed with the correct kind of tankmates is by no means shy either.

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Common Name:
Common Whiptail Catfish

Loricaria parva, Hemiloricaria parva



South America: Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay: Paraguay River basin. Type locality: Descalvados, Matto Grosso Brazil.

12.5cm. (5ins)

20-25ºC ( 67-77°f)


Dorsal: 1/7, Anal: 1/5, Pectorals: 1/5, Ventrals: 1/4 29 bony scutes in a lateral series. The pectoral fin-spine reaches to the second quarter of the ventral fin-spine when both are laid back. Upper and lower rays of caudal fin have long filaments. On the hinder part of the belly there are 3-4 rows of ventral scutes between the lateral ones; on the anterior part are numerous small scutes.

Upperside is olive-grey to grey-yellow with numerous black blotches which are often united into transverse bars. Underside clay-yellow to whitish. An irregular dark line runs obliquely forward from the eye to the tip of the mouth. Fins transparent, with dark blotches or rows of blotches on the fin-rays.

Aquarium Care & Compatibility
They are easy to keep and breed and do well in a community tank as long as there is species that are not too aggressive kept alongside them.

Provide caves or pipework where the females will lay their eggs as in the wild they are laid in hollow logs or branches. The male takes over the guarding of the green coloured eggs and they hatch, depending on water temperature, between 3 and 10 days.

Provide a good vegetable diet for the adults such as cucumber, courgette (zucchini) and also sinking tablet food. Fry can be reared on the same foods after a start on brine shrimp and blanched lettuce leaves.


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