JBL – Aquarium Cleaning Glove


Effortless removal of algae growth and deposits: aquarium glove with metal threads for the cleaning of glass panes and objects

Easy handling: put on glove, clean by rubbing on the desired area

Cleans all corners and angles, removes algae from plant leaves and decoration, cleans technical items and pumps

Care of glove: rinse in lukewarm water and dry out of direct sunlight

Package contents: 1x aquarium glove

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Maintenance and cleaning
Food and plant remains and metabolic products form impurities in an aquarium. Cleaning your tank and accessories and carrying out regular partial water changes is good for your aquarium dwellers and makes having an aquarium more fun for you.

Effortless cleaning
The JBL ProScape cleaning glove is the ideal helper for the fast and effortless removal of algae growth and deposits on aquarium panes, devices and decorations.

Care instructions
Rinse in lukewarm water and dry out of direct sun light.


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